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Club Leaders Forum is committed to the advancement of excellence in global private club leadership, management and operations. The organization fosters connections within the industry and seeks to elevate standards and to perpetuate best practices, benefiting clubs, their members and their most important asset, their staff.


Club Leaders Forum is governed by an international Advisory Board composed of accomplished and respected General Managers, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Executive Officers. They have excelled throughout their storied careers at some of the world's most prestigious clubs while giving back to the industry.​


The vast experience, knowledge and network of the Club Leaders Forum management team—combined with the Board's stewardship—optimize the role of Club Leaders Forum as a respected pillar in the private club industry.




The hallmark of this respected organization is providing innovative and creative services by employing a unique and customized approach to deliver action plans that allow management and club leadership to maximize efficiency and actively strive for excellence. Club Leaders Forum accomplishes this through various tailor-made services conducted by accomplished experts who are knowledgeable about the culture and demands of the finest clubs. With expertise in the US and every continent save Antarctica, Club Leaders Forum collaborates with the leadership of Country, Golf, City, Yacht and Athletic Clubs around the World to reach new levels of excellence.


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Club Leaders Forum is proud to have assembled a prestigious Advisory Board whose members excel in their credentials and contribute invaluable input and guidance to the organization. The Advisory Board comprises General Managers, Chief Executives, and Chief Operating Officers appointed from some of the world's finest private clubs. The Board is actively engaged and performs a prominent role in the direction and oversight of all aspects of the company's operation, including the Platinum Clubs® Program, Brand Recognition, and other Club Leaders Forum services. 


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As the first publication of its kind in the early 90s, The FORUM compiled Club and Industry information for Club Managers, Presidents and Staff. The FORUM was reimagined in 2015 and today features unique insights from an experienced team of editors, complemented by contributions from industry experts and lifestyle features to produce the most Relevant, Informative and Creative information on club leadership and operations in the industry. A must-read for all in the private club industry.


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The foundation of Club Leaders Forum is the Platinum Clubs® program. When John Sibbald continued to hear Clubs profess "they were the best," he developed Platinum Clubs of America to allow Private Club Managers, Presidents and Owners to make that distinction. The first Platinum Clubs of America were selected by a nationwide survey of Club Managers and Club Presidents in 1997. The voting body has grown tremendously over the years, as has the reputation of the recognition and its value. So much so that Platinum Clubs of the World was introduced in 2013—elected by a Panel of over 100 industry connoisseurs, historians and experts—and Platinum Clubs of Asia-Pacific and Europe in 2019.


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