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What makes us different?

Platinum Clubs represent the pinnacle of Excellence for Private Membership Clubs globally. Platinum status is achieved by Clubs, their leaders, and staff who have garnered universal recognition by marrying time-honored tradition with a culture of innovation, leading to unmatched venues, services, and amenities that attract the world's most revered and influential Members.


Similarly, Dorchester Collection possesses a special alchemy created between remarkable properties and the people who inhabit them. Steeped in history, the nine extraordinary hotels in their unique collection are hallmarks of good living, refined elegance, and unparalleled service.


Unified by these shared values, Platinum Clubs and Dorchester Collection have partnered to provide Clubs access to Dorchester Collection Academy's bespoke learning programs focused on elevating culture, leadership, and training. Our goal is to inspire a new level of Excellence in the Private Club industry.

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