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Proactive, Predictive, and Personalized Health

The Club Leaders Forum team has spent the last five years working with the foremost providers of wellness and longevity services across the nation and is delighted to confirm the partnership with Human Longevity, with care facilities in San Diego and San Francisco. 

Human Longevity's commitment is to deliver your members with a program that will provide them with 10 more years of vitality and change the trajectory of aging to match their health span with their lifespan.

Human Longevity Resources

  • Member Story | How A misdiagnosed autoimmune disorder was found at Human Longevity - Dr. Robert Darling (Former US White House Physician)

  • Downloadable | 100+ Longevity Care Program Booklet

  • Print Resources, including Scientific Research Papers and Human Longevity’s 100+ Magazine


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