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Enhancing Excellence in Private Clubs

Discover the Transformative Power of The Private Club Assessment—Exclusively Tailored for America's Leading Private Clubs.


The Platinum Clubs of America Assessment provides CEOs or General Managers with a comprehensive evaluation utilizing benchmarks of best practices and excellence to guide your Club toward achieving overall excellence.

The Recommendations
With recommendations from the President of Club Leaders Forum—who has visited more than 2000 clubs worldwide over a 40-year career—Clubs will receive an evaluation using the Platinum Clubs of America’s Board-Approved Seven Selection Criteria.

How It Works: Structured Insight to Elevate Your Club

​Following a two-day Club visit from the President of Club Leaders Forum—who has visited more than 2000 Clubs worldwide over a 40-year career—Clubs will receive an evaluation and concise report using the Platinum Clubs of America’s Board-Approved Seven Selection Criteria.

  • Step 1: Initiation — A detailed introductory meeting with the President of the Club Leaders Forum to understand your club's unique history, operations, and visions for the future.

  • Step 2: Comprehensive Evaluation — Over a two-day period, a full Assessment is performed covering all aspects of Club governance, management and operations, financial and the member experience, ensuring every facet meets the highest standards of excellence.

  • Step 3: Detailed Reporting Receive a concise, customized Report with actionable insights, current grading on key criteria, and strategic targets.

The Goal
Club Leaders Forum’s goal in drafting the report & recommendations is to be an advocate and support and enhance the strategic vision of the CEO and GM.

Benefits: Empowering Your Club for the Future

  • Recognition: Elevate your Club’s prestige through universal recognition as a top-tier Private Club.

  • Strategic Growth: Use customized expert recommendations to align your strategic planning with global best practices.

  • Operational Excellence: Enhance every aspect of your operations to deliver an unparalleled member experience.

"Club Leaders Forum has the unique ability to benchmark your efforts against those already recognized as the finest in the industry and employs a unique approach. I am certain that you will find the time spent and financial investment associated with your Club Assessment to be extremely valuable."


Assessment Framework

Seven Selection Criteria: Benchmark your club against the finest in the United States using The Platinum Clubs of America’s Seven Selection Criteria with a customized report drafted by the President of Club Leaders Forum.

Begin Your Clubs Journey to Excellence

  • Initial Meetings: Meet with the CEO or General Manager and all department heads.

  • Strategic Planning: Engage with select members of the Club's Board and Committees to ensure leadership involvement in the process.

  • Follow-up: A follow-up meeting with the CEO or General Manager.

  • Report Delivery: Receive your customized report & recommendations within 30 days.

"The Club Leaders Forum Private Club Assessment was an incredibly valuable experience for all of us; the process itself was extremely thorough, touching on every area of our operation (both member-facing and back of the house). Even before the formal report was received the conversation at the club started to change.


Having a sense of how we stack up against the very best clubs in the U.S. and the World is beyond valuable to my Board and me. We are committed to being world-class in all that we do, but defining what that means has always been a struggle. Now, we have a clear road map of which areas we can improve in, and how. In addition, many of our past strategies and decisions were vindicated by the assessment, breathing new confidence into our strategic planning process.


It would be fair to say that the assessment has helped to crystallize our vision and to focus our team of paid and volunteer leaders behind key strategies that will take us to the top of the industry. We now have an objective third-party partner who can help steer us in the right direction while also continuing to objectively evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to our competitor set and the very best clubs. I highly recommend the process to anyone who is interested in taking their club to the next level."




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