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Platinum Clubs®


First published in 1997 by Club Leaders Forum, Platinum Clubs® of America has earned the reputation as the most respected recognition in the private club industry. The inspiration for the concept came from Mr. John Sibbald, who continued to hear Clubs profess “they were the best”. Mr Sibbald developed Platinum Clubs of America to allow Private Club Managers, Presidents and Owners to make that distinction.


The subsequent success of Platinum Clubs of America and the world's fascination with rankings gave rise to interest in expanding the election around the globe. In 2010, the distinction of identifying the most highly regarded Private Clubs was expanded to Platinum Clubs® of the World. Platinum Clubs® of Asia-Pacific and Platinum Clubs® of Europe were introduced in 2019.

Recognition as a Platinum Club is notable for two reasons. First, every Club Member wants to believe that their Club is the best in the area in which they reside. High-caliber, prospective new members are always attracted to the "best"Clubs. Secondly, identifying the premier clubs serves to provide aspiring Clubs with models with which to benchmark.

Many surveys rank a single feature of an institution, such as the golf course. Voters in the Platinum Clubs elections are asked to consider multiple aspects of Private Clubs. The seven selection criteria (outlined below) form the benchmark of excellence and best practices in the Private Club industry.

To review the current Platinum Clubs lists and learn more about the election methodology, please visit and


Platinum Clubs of America

Platinum Clubs® of America


The election of Platinum Clubs of America is conducted every two years by Club Leaders Forum. The voting body consists of the most informed representatives for the task: Club Managers, CEOs, COOs, Presidents and Owners across the nation. 

Platinum Clubs are elected in five categories:

Country Clubs — 150 Platinum Clubs

Golf Clubs — 50 Platinum Clubs

City Clubs — 50 Platinum Clubs

Yacht Clubs — 30 Platinum Clubs

Athletic Clubs — 20 Platinum Clubs

Respondents are asked to consider the seven selection criteria when casting their votes. These characteristics of America's 300 most highly-regarded private clubs set them apart from all others.



Platinum Clubs  of the World


Under the guidance of the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board, Platinum Clubs of the World was launched in 2013. The election is held every two years (alternating with Platinum Clubs of America).


In contrast to Platinum Clubs  of America, the voting panel for Platinum Clubs of the World comprises industry experts, historians and connoisseurs of private clubs. Each member of the panel understands excellence and has a lifetime of experience visiting the finest clubs around the globe.When voting, the panel is asked to consider the seven selection criteria, which differ from those utilized in the United States.

Platinum Clubs of the World are elected in three categories:

Golf & Country Clubs — 100 Platinum Clubs

City Clubs — 100 Platinum Clubs

Yacht Clubs — 50 Platinum Clubs



Platinum Clubs of the World



Platinum Clubs of Asia-Pacific


Platinum Clubs of Europe & Middle East

Platinum Clubs  of Asia-Pacific


Platinum Clubs  of Europe

& Middle East

In 2019, Club Leaders Forum introduced the Top 50 Platinum Clubs of Asia-Pacific and Top 50 Platinum Clubs of Europe in the Golf & Country Club category. As a testament to the prestigious clubs of the Middle East, in 2023 the Advisory Board voted to include the Middle East among the already esteemed Platinum Clubs of Europe. This expansion reflects the Board's commitment to recognizing outstanding achievements and fostering a diverse community of exceptional clubs worldwide. These great clubs have access to the values and benefits of Platinum status and relationships with the finest clubs around the world.



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