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Wellness & Longevity

Hosted by Club Leaders Forum

At The Fort Worth Club, Texas - July 29 - 31, 2024

 The Future of Fitness in Private Clubs

Delivering Six Years of Research in Two Days to Help You Develop A Performance & Longevity Center For Your Members

For the last seven years, the Club Leaders Forum's MASTERMIND FORUM series has been at the forefront of transforming education for General Managers. In 2022, the horizons expanded by welcoming Human Resource Directors from the world's premier Platinum Clubs® to the inaugural HR MASTERMIND FORUM. In 2023, the MASTERMIND's impact was further broadened to include Marketing, Communications, and Membership professionals.

This year, the exclusive invitation is extended to the Fitness and Wellness Department Heads for the inaugural MASTERMIND on Wellness & Longevity.

As Private Clubs navigate the evolving landscape of club fitness and wellness, Club Leaders Forum invites you to be at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge longevity technologies that redefine Private Clubs’ approach to health and performance. I am writing to personally invite your Fitness Director to a special MASTERMIND event designed to showcase these transformative technologies. This event is scheduled from July 29 to July 31, 2024, at The Fort Worth Club, Texas.

Event Details

  • When: July 29 (arrival and Welcome Reception at 6:30 pm) to July 31, 2024 (departure post-lunch).

  • Where: The Fort Worth Club, Texas

  • Registration: $1,975 for one attendee | $3750 for two attendees, inclusive of accommodations and meals such as welcome reception, lunches, breakfast, and breaks, as well as all session materials. (Does not include dinners, airfare, or transportation)

What to Expect

Join industry experts for an exclusive, hands-on session with the most innovative Performance & Longevity equipment & Technology.

01 Pre-eminent Longevity Experts

This event will host dynamic learning experiences with actionable insights and will feature presentations from top experts in the fields of Precision Diagnostics and Medical Longevity from Human Longevity, and Stem Cell Regeneration from Proactive Longevity, among others.

02 On-site Longevity & Technology Innovators

Participants will engage directly with groundbreaking technologies through hands-on sessions with innovators from NeuX, Proteus, Vasper, ARX, and the Ammortal Chamber, among others. Additionally, there will be a focused presentation on how to effectively implement a Performance + Longevity Center in your club.

03 Experiential Learning

This unique experiential approach ensures you not only hear about the latest in longevity and wellness but also experience it through practical, engaging activities

04 Actionable Takeaways

This event encapsulates six years of dedicated research into two impactful days, offering you the essential tools to transition your traditional fitness offerings into a comprehensive Performance & Longevity program that will captivate and retain members.


The NXPro™ by NeuX Technologies utilizes Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS), a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance recovery, reduce pain, and improve overall fitness and performance.

Why Fitness Directors Should Attend

Be at the forefront of integrating innovative longevity technologies that are redefining health and performance in Private Clubs. This exclusive event offers invaluable insights and hands-on experiences to ensure your Club stays ahead in offering cutting-edge fitness solutions.

  • Explore Industry Shifts: Understand the dynamic evolution from traditional fitness paradigms to a comprehensive focus on longevity. Learn about emerging trends, technologies, and strategies that are shaping the future of wellness.

  • Gain Expert Insights: Hear from leading experts from organizations such as Human Longevity and Proactive Longevity on groundbreaking research and advancements in preventative medicine, MRIs, whole genome sequencing, and regenerative (stem cells) medicine.

  • Innovative Frameworks: ​Delve into 'The 8 Pillars of Performance + Longevity' framework. Discover how to integrate these pillars to enhance member wellness and operational excellence.

  • Hands-On ExperienceVisit The Performance + Longevity Center to experience state-of-the-art equipment firsthand. Learn about the practical applications of these technologies in a hands-on environment.

  • Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing: Connect with peers and industry leaders over drinks and appetizers. Share experiences, insights, and build valuable connections in an informal setting.

  • Actionable Takeaways​Focus on key takeaways and mindset shifts to help implement new insights and technologies. Leave with concrete plans and action items to elevate your Club's fitness offerings.


VO2 Max: Unlock insights into your cardiovascular fitness by measuring your maximum oxygen uptake—a pivotal metric associated with healthspan.

Featured Technologies to Be Explored

  • The Ammortal Chamber: Step into the future of holistic wellness with this state-of-the-art environment designed to optimize human health and performance through a combination of bio-optimized environmental conditions.

  • CAROL Bike: Experience the CAROL Bike, an AI-powered exercise bike that uses REHIT (Reduced Exertion High-intensity Interval Training) to deliver personalized workouts, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in minimal time.

  • Vasper System: Used by NASA, Vasper combines compression, cooling, and interval training to increase the efficiency of exercise without the stress on joints often associated with high-intensity workouts.

  • NeuX: Discover NeuX, a platform offering interactive neuromuscular training aimed at pain reduction, functional enhancement, and performance improvement.

  • Kinetisense: Engage with Kinetisense, the world’s first markerless motion capture analysis system, which uses advanced algorithms to assess movement and provide real-time feedback for improved posture and mechanics.

  • VO2 Max Testing: Measure the maximum oxygen uptake during incremental exercise, reflecting cardiovascular fitness and endurance capacity in athletes.

  • And many more. For the full Assessment and Technology list, visit:

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Vasper combines compression, cooling, and intervals to drive the production of growth and recovery hormones, delivering the most significant benefits of high- intensity exercise in an efficient low-impact 21-minute workout.

Proven Concepts to Be Explored

This MASTERMIND event is more than just a learning opportunity; this framework is designed to serve as a foundational blueprint for integrating advanced longevity technologies into your club’s offerings, ensuring a holistic enhancement of both member wellness and operational excellence.

Investing in this knowledge will not only enhance your Club’s fitness facilities but also ensure that your team is well-equipped to lead in the highly competitive landscape of premium club offerings.

Limited Attendance: To ensure a personalized experience, space is limited. We encourage your Fitness Director to secure their spot promptly by registering below.

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